Message From God: "My plan for you is perfect and will fall into place at exactly the right time. Never try to hurry anything along, but watch everything unfold and develop. If life appears to be going very slowly be not impatient. Learn to wait upon Me in absolute faith and confidence, and know that at the right time all things will come about, as there is indeed a right time and right season for everything.

Remember, you cannot change the seasons of the year. You cannot change the movement of the heavens or the tides. The universe is in My hands and no one can harm it. Go forward in complete faith and confidence allowing My wonders and glories to unfold. Do not be concerned about anything, simply be strong and of good courage.

When you are at perfect peace within, you will be able to withstand the stresses and strains without. Therefore let My peace and love influence and enfold you, and be at perfect peace as I do My will."

Nick Arandes

Claim Your Abundance!
© by Pamela Silberman

As I was dealing with the flu, in our media crazed society, spending a few days in bed left me compelled to channel surf afternoon television shows. Albeit the time I spent watching was brief, it took only a few moments to notice the media's inundation with stories convincing the world of its limitation.

Story after story came on the television talking about how indeed we are all just plain screwed. Fearful discourse after fearful discourse. I was hearing that if I wasn't terrified of the economy, than surely there had to be fifteen-thousand other circumstances for which I must choose to be afraid. In fact, I heard the media telling me that if I wasn't afraid, surely there must be something wrong with me. Surely, I wondered, this is not really how the world is right now? Granted I don't watch the news too often, but could this really be the current state of mental America? They can't actually be believing these stories? Well sure enough, the phone rang and I'm sharing with my family some of my thoughts. Yes, indeed, I was told, there are too many justifications as to why you should be afraid right now. This fear IS realistic and sensible, there are just too many reasons for its fact. I best be afraid or else I'm just too darned naive.

Well, I guess I'm used to be a cage rattler. I'm used to being called a little bit crazy or a little bit of a nut ball. This persona just compliments my creative personality traits. :-) No matter, I'm going to take a chance now and see if I dare take a moment to rattle again.

Hear me well, this fear-filled "let's all move with our tail between our legs" thought system is not real and must hit the road from within our minds right now! We cannot begin to feel our self as healthy and peaceful as long as we continue to invest in thoughts weighed down by fear. A Course in Miracles teaches us that we are NOT these stories about ourselves. A Course in Miracles tells us that we have made these empty images of ourselves and substituted them for God's Perfect Vision. In Truth we are limitless, changeless magnificence, but here we've gone and arrogantly said "no.. no I'm not that perfection, I'm this pile of useless poo instead." I know there will be a few people reading this whom are not into spirituality, so I don't want to confine myself solely to spiritual principles. Therefore, let's keep this in the realms of just plain logic. Can we clearly ask ourselves "What is the point and purpose of a fear-filled mindset?" What are we truly gaining through this belief that we are not good enough, whole enough or loved enough? What do we truly gain from thoughts of need and want in any moment?

The truth is that we gain NOTHING from any thought of fear or worry. Literally, we gain nothing... a belief that we are nothing. This belief in nothingness only keeps us stuck in greater fear and worry. Therefore, since we can at least agree that these fearful thoughts are completely purposeless to our well-being, can we consciously choose to stop them? Can we consciously choose to look at a new menu of our life and order up something better?

Basically, we are constantly going through life asking "Who am I now?" We are repeatedly asking for new ideas and roles to define us and make us into someone who can be seen as [you fill in the blank]. The role that you ask to be is the role that you will see. Personally, I would like to see myself as whole, complete and perfectly fulfilled, no matter what the outer circumstances of life play out. As part of this choice, I'm willing to consciously notice and say no to the fear stories within my mind. I can't say that I'm 100% successful, but just the very intent does have me being more mindful to where I do have a choice and where I can choose to find peace instead of empty stories.

Truly, the abundance that we are cannot be warped by a myriad of fear stories! This perfection cannot be a victim, yet can only perceive itself as one. However, there must come a time for each of us to ask WHY we want to perceive ourselves within these life dramas. (I just typed "lie dramas" and corrected the typo... but see how indeed LIE DRAMAS is much more accurate)

Well its time that we choose to have enough with the LIE DRAMAS. Can we make an oath here and now to say enough is enough! Let us claim our abundance and choose to no longer listen to these stories. Let us choose to no longer believe what the media and ego wants us to believe about ourselves. Let us choose to align with a Higher Authority (no not hot dogs) :-)

As crazy as it seems (and yes, to the world of our daily operations this does sound crazy) can we just simply begin to choose otherwise? Can we begin to say:

1. YES! I choose to see myself as abundant right now.

2. YES! I choose to see that my abundance has nothing to do with the outer circumstances of my life.

3. YES! I'm willing to embrace a sense of security beyond fear or judgment.

4. YES! I'm willing to accept that my perceptions of myself can change.

5. YES! I'm willing to actively choose a perception of love and abundance over fear and limitation.

Could you imagine waking up each day and recognizing these thoughts within your mind? Could you imagine walking through your daily routine and offering these thoughts to every person you met along the way:

1. YES! I choose to only see abundance within you right now.

2. YES! I choose to see that your abundance has nothing to do with the outer circumstances of your life.

3. YES! I'm willing to embrace a sense of security beyond my fears and judgments of you.

4. YES! I'm willing to accept that my perceptions of you can change.

5. YES! I'm willing to actively choose a perception of you that is love and abundance over fear and limitation.

Envision yourself accepting this mantra for yourself right now. See yourself shining within a light of endless self-awareness for yourself and for everyone who comes across your path. See yourself saying to the news shows that their image of you is not true. See yourself saying to any story of lack and limitation that its beliefs in you or any one else are not but 100% FALSE. See this now and don't hesitate.

Join with me now, whether you want to believe in the spiritual mumbo jumbo or not! :-) Can we at the very least agree that we've had enough of the lie dramas? I'm not here to be a guru, I'm here just to make a simple statement of self-recognition. Swear with me now to not limit yourself any more! Swear with me now to no longer admit to fear in the eyes of Love's endless presence. You do have a choice and this choice is made with every story you tell yourself.

1. YES! You are abundant right now.

2. YES! Your abundance has nothing to do with the outer circumstances of your life.

3. YES! You can embrace a sense of security beyond fears and judgments.

4. YES! You can accept a changed perception.

5. YES! You can actively choose a perception that is love and abundance over fear and limitation.

I join with you now in this choice! Feel free to sign your thoughts and agreement below as we choose to walk into the Light of Reclamation NOW.


PamelaPamela Silberman aside from being a wonderful teacher and speaker, she is also the author of Simply Being: One Year with Spirit, which guides readers through walking the path of Love with authenticity and willingness. In essence, Simply Being is about learning to love your Self as God Created You rather than drowning in the stream of challenges.. (Most qualified A Course In Miracles' teacher).

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